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"Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated"

Rosalind Franklin, chemist, her X-ray diffraction studies on DNA were crucial in revealing the double helix structure. She never received a Nobel prize as Watson and Crick did in 1962.   She died of ovarian cancer when she was 37.

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Leuther Laboratories:

Providing Full Service Dairy Laboratory, Chemical and Microbiological analysis, Photomicroscopy, Water Testing and plant sanitation for over 25 years

Provider to :

Farms, factories, food processors, orchards, vegetable growers, homeowners and Realtors.

Conveniently located:

Leuther Laboratories is located near La Crosse, Coon Valley, Chaseburg, West Salem, Bangor, and Viroqua in Wisconsin and Winona, MN


Full service raw milk testing, for Cow, Goat, and Sheep and others in Wisconsin, Minnesota and all other states through reciprocity. Interstate Milk Shippers certified Milk Testing

Microbiological Testing for:

Cheese, vegetable, egg, meat, juice, cider, herb and spice testing, ingredients, plant equipment, environment

Wisconsin and EPA certified

Coliform and E. coli in drinking water and other water bacteriology.

Wisconsin DNR

E.coli testing in rivers, ponds, lakes and, other water bacteriology and PCR source tracking


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Don't Guess, Test at Leuther Labratories, Coon Valley, WI

Small enough to be personal

Unmatched technical expertise in microbiology

Service to Industry and Individuals

Professionals on staff to write your:

GMP manuals,
Quality assurance programs
Master sanitation programs
and do quality assurance audits

All testing results are provided to you
as quickly as testing methods allow.

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to get more information or
receive a call about these programs.

Servicing over 1000 clients

Leuther Laboratories LLC

N 1006 County Road M
Coon Valley, WI 54623
(608) 788-8180  Telephone
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